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cool, i didn't know that existed. too bad i can't get it in my mp3 player.

ya, that sucks. i think really the problem with that is that it's not well known enough to the public. on wikipedia they showed that quite a few media players had the feature, which is cool, but i'm not sure how many mp3 players would.

if like iPod came out with that feature then people would know more about it. people don't ask for it, but also they aren't told about it. it's not advertised on the package, and if it's an option they never selected, their mp3 player may potentially behave some way they don't expect, although i'm not sure whether or not anyone would really notice if you didn't tell them.

also, like i said, almost nobody has any idea about mastering and compressors and limiters, and the loudness war, and the fact that people are doing it on purpose to make stuff louder. what they do know is some tracks are louder than others, and that sometimes has to do with style, or more frequently with older, less quality sounding recordings. which just encourages people to prefer louder stuff even more.

so really people just need to be educated, know this replaygain thing exists, wish for it, and ask for it from the mp3 developers, or even if mastering houses and stuff or some people involved in the industry would subsidize the cost of implementation to some extent to some companies, or idk, somehow provide cash to help make it happen, maybe some sort of code everyone could use if that could exist, then it might work.

but i don't think some sort of standard, or agreement, or anything would work. i don't think there is really any sort of loudness war to be fought.

there's just some feature mp3 players are missing.

i'd be interested in it. i think alot of people would be, but maybe they don't know the option exists, or could exist, and they don't know extra benefits they might get from it because of the way it would affect the mastering process, and their music.
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