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Originally Posted by Cableaddict View Post
-and as the saying goes:

"If everything's loud, then everything's soft."
that's an awesome quote.

Originally Posted by fifthcolumn View Post
sonnox inflator for my deafly challenged clients.

shhh, dont tell no one.
I looove the sonnox plugin sweet. i don't use all their plugins all the time, but i find they are all very good, my favorite are the EQ and the Reverb. the others i don't use as savagely but they're also very good i find.

Originally Posted by AudioWonderland View Post
Yes it does. You have removed the dynamics from the music from the limiting whether it clips or not. By rounding off the peaks with a limiter you remove the transients and punch from the piece.
yes, but i don't see anything inherently bad about that. i actually like it at times, but, the part that's a shame is if you DO want more punch, and more crispness, then what sux is how weak and crappy your piece will sound in your playlist compared to louder stuff, unless you go and change the volume, which is a pain, and may end up blowing out your eardrums and/or speakers when the next song comes on.

that's the only issue i have with the loudness wars personally, i find the squashed sound is as cool, good and legit a tool for shaping the sound of your tune as any other effect, which sometimes you want alot of, and sometimes you don't.

it's just like, if you have one song that you decide to but a very noticeable long reverb on, it's not going to screw the next song in your playlist, whereas the guy squashing his track will.

the way i see it, is that all you have to do to fix the thing is change mp3 players or music players.

it should be you set your volume like a thermostat, it finds the average volume and pumps it out at the value you set. so if a quiet song comes out it will be at the loudness you set and same with a louder song. the waveform is inconsequential, only the output into your headphones should matter, the waveform is just how it is recorded.

right now, a loud waveform will sound louder in your headphones. that's the problem. and as far as i'm concerned, that's the only problem with this loudness war.

other than that i couldn't care less how producers or record companies, or artists want to make their music, loud or not, squashed and limited to shit or not, i wouldn't care.
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