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My latest mix, which will most likely be the single release from our new album, is mixed and mastered to K 14 RMS levels and I'm rather excited about it. This is the first album I've done completely using Bob Katz' K System and I'm loving the freedom in mixing with 20dB of headroom and mastering with 14 dB.

Have a listen to the new single called, "You are my Saviour," by going to our band website at, clicking the song title in the 'song info and downloads' section under the player and right clicking the 'free mp3 download' button.
This mix and the mastering was all done in REAPER using my Neve, Calrec, Bob Katz theme.

Don't forget to turn up your volume and enjoy the unsquished transients and dynamics!! You should be able to FEEL the kick drum and bass guitar.
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