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Amazing work!

I'd like to do a free high quality sample pack of a Baldwin upright piano I have kicking around here, so this is going to save me a LOT of time! I want to do at least 5 velocities of each key, so you saved me at least 440 (88 keys x 5 velocities) renders! Actually, way more because I'm mic'ing it both M/S and spaced pair, and I want to have versions of each separate as well as mixed together, so 440 x 3 = 1320 renders, haha! Oh yeah, and mono versions - 2640 renders.

Also, a little bug:

I don't know if this has been addressed or not, but if I render out .wav files using Reaper's render que, the outputted files do not have the .wav extension. They just come out as files with no extension, not recognizable by the system. The file names appear and work correctly with the .wav ending when you uncheck "Use Reaper's render que". Is this just my system? I have "hide extensions for known file types" unchecked in folder options, Windows XP 64 bit.
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