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Hello all, sorry some of you are having trouble. I just verified that Autorender is working for me with Reaper v3.13, whether using the render queue or not.

The use of the Reaper queue and the way that AR tells Reaper to put its media files online before rendering are both fairly new, so first I would try rendering without using the queue and telling Reaper to keep its media files online even when it loses focus (as others have already suggested).

First of all the reason for your silent files is most definitely the audio going offline. Autorender sends a command to Reaper to put the media files online just before it renders a track, but in your case it seems this isn't working. Unchecking all "close audio device" preferences as nofish suggested should have solved this. Unticking these preferences definitely prevent the audio device from going offline for me, so you should investigate why your media is still going offline despite this setting. Really strange, and Autorender isn't causing it.

As far as I can tell there's two issues:

1. On your computer Autorender is unable to send command messages reliably to Reaper. Anything we should know about your system? Is it old? Low memory/cpu? Are you running XP, Vista, 7? Do you have access to another computer to test on?

2. You can't prevent your audio device from going offline. This is outside of the scope of AR but definitely needs to be solved.

The order that settings are adjusted in the render options window makes no difference.

You'll get large mp3 files regardless of the size of the source media if you choose high mp3 quality settings.

buckman, Autorender is Windows only (sorry!) and can output to any Reaper supported format except bin/cue (since that wouldn't make a lot of sense).
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