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heres my dir set
song1 (one rpp and all files.)
song2 (ditto)

etc etc
etc etc

when i start new song...procedure...
1..i set up a new folder within rprsongs
2..load in blank template.
3..set i point rpr project settings at new folder within rprsongs and save as my song name within the new folder.
so lets say the song is called "get the reaper drunk"
my new foldder in rprsongs would be named drunkrprv01.
(ie..version one.)
and the rpp within drunkrpr folder would be called for example..
drrprv01. i DO NOT save more than ONE rpp into a song folder.
if i do a version 2 of drunk rpr say i have a slow i mix down bed tracks for a stereo mix.
thus new folder in rprsongs called drunkrprv02.
drag the mix into it.
(there are other ways of course.)
then open up a new rpr project....set bpm again.
insert the media file bed tracks mix.
save now into drunkrprv02 as an rpp called for example...
drrrprv02. and proceed overdubbing/adding new tracks.

every half hour....for back up purposes or when making a cuppa tea...the whole song project folder i'm working on....gets copied to another drive and placed within a folder called rprsongsbackup.
just in case.
anyway these are just a few of my housekeeping procedures as examples. IN PARTICULAR..before i start a new song i MAKE SURE...
FILE>>>PROJECT SETTINGS>>>>PATH TO SAVE FILES is properly completed. before starting any recording.
hope this all makes some
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