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- your template; go to its directory, select the file, right-click mouse, options;
activate the 'read only' box [as one would do with any ordinary file]

REAPER will launch an error window/ project not saved

- if any recordings are scheduled, do prepare everything f.i. at home/ any other place, without distraction from 'others'...

make some nice dir listings

X:\AUDIO\rehearsal_2006-12-17_TEST\#001 - 'title'
X:\AUDIO\rehearsal_2006-12-17_TEST\#002 - 'title'
X:\AUDIO\rehearsal_2006-12-17_TEST\#003 - 'title'

- next to the screen; keep a piece of paper with reminders etc.; tape this to the table!
f.i. before recording, !!CHECK project settings!!,
enter the save path for your recordings...

- address some hotkeys
[just 'r' to start recording, also place a marker in the template...
-> open template, push '1', your cursor will jump to marker '1', hit 'r' and play away...]

- ... etc.

hope this will be of any help,

i recognize your situation [playing and being in charge of the recordings...]
i tend no to combine them anymore...


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