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Originally Posted by mikeroephonics View Post
Hey, Billybk1, I followed your advice on the UAD-1 setup (I have one card at the moment.) It seems to have worked pretty well. I can still get the system to freeze when I do serious stress tests, but overall,it seems much more stable than my Vegas setup! Thanks alot for your help!

And to Justin, thank you for making such a great app! I will be purchasing this very soon. It is amazing!

Yes, once I figured out how to properly configure REAPER (mostly through trial & error) to UAD-1 use, I was quite amazed at how well the DSP cards worked, as well. You do need to do some UAD-1 specific tweaking in REAPER's "Preferences". Out of the box, REAPER will not perform, as well, at certain default settings.
Yeah, I ended up getting a REAPER license too!
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