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Originally Posted by griz lee View Post

I can't get any kind of good performance out of my 2ghz single processor P4. My Uad-1 and Pcore work quite well with new reaper versions, but have never been 100% happy and i think it is probably due to the speed of my system in the first place.

Could you give me a rough idea as to just how much faster a new system such as the E6300 Duo is. Can you mix with a good amount of plugins and tracks at 96k? (i tend to work with acoustic instruments in nice acoustics, and 96k does sound better to me).

Many thanks for any advice,

I do all my work @ 24/44. So I can't really say much about working @ 96K. What I can say though, using a E6300 or higher Duo Core will give you a huge performance boost (compared to a P4 2.0 single CPU) @ whatever sample rate you are using.


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