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If Justin could fix the solo/mute buga boo when using multi-out VSTi's with plugins requiring PDC. appears that solo/mute issue with VSTi's & buses has kinda worked itself out with the latest v1.41 update. There is a new parameter "Solo in-place" in REAPER's Preferences that is enabled by default. For the hell of it I unchecked/disabled this feature and lo and behold I am not getting the crackled distorted audio when I solo/mute now from my EZdrummer VSTi multi-out's & buses that have UAD-1 plugins.

Optimizing guide for using UAD-1 with REAPER (v1.41 and above):

EDIT: "Solo in-place" is not enabled by default, in Preferences. It should be left disabled though when using DSP plugins like the UAD-1.

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