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This is possibly stating the ‘bleeding obvious’ but I hadn’t realised until today that Shortcircuit can also host soundfont files at the same time as wave files. Apologies if this is already obvious to everyone else.

Also, in Shortcircuit, you can set things up on separate midi channels and set up multi-outputs. As far as I’m aware you can’t set up multi-outputs for soundfonts with the sfz player.

Here’s a silly example of something I just did with a mixture of multi layer wave files and soundfonts. It’s all hosted in a single instance of Shortcircuit.

Midi channel 1 = Drums (wave files as given in my earlier example post #30)
Kick output: 1-2
Snare output: 3-4
HiHats output: 5-6
Toms output: 7-8
Cymbals output: 9-10

Midi channel 2
NS J Bass soundfont output: 11-12

Midi channel 3
Rock organ from the Fluid R3 soundfont: output 13-14

Midi channel 4
DSK Saxotopia soundfont: output 15-16

For it to work you have put a tick against ‘Allow feedback in routing’ in the project settings.


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