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Routing Groups

In this session we will look at making a multi with "groups" in SC and routing them to separate audio tracks in Reaper.

Open an empty instance of Shortcircuit

Now right click in the list pane and choose "new group", a new group appears with a new "keygroup view" on the right. At the bottom in the "group pane, where it says "new group" you can change the name to "Kick"

Open Reaper's media browser and select a soft and a loud Kick drum, and drag them both onto the "Kick" group, you will see they land on separate adjacent keys, so you can resize the velocities as you like. Click on the Keygroup tab on the right and edit the velocities by dragging the ends of the samples up and down, so your soft one is at the bottom and the loud one is at the top.

Now select both samples by click - Shift - click, SC warns you we have multiple samples selected, good! Now click the "learn all" button in the zone range pane and hit your C1 key on your midi keyboard - (you need to have your track record armed BTW). Now is a good time to change the playmode to "forward shot" otherwise the notes will be cut off when you let go of the key.

If you click on the "Kick" group now you will see them lined up nicely on the same key.

Okay, that is how to make a group, of course most of your groups will have more samples than this. In fact you may have more than one drum in a group; I have my stick, snare, rim and clap in the same group, and my toms are grouped too.

For this exercise we will use a Kick, Snare and Hi-Hat, so now you can go ahead and build another two groups for the snare and the Hat exactly the same way as you did the Kick. You have to save this as a "multi", if you save it as a channel it won't save the groups

Here's one of mine with groups


Now it starts to get really interesting
In the bottom right of the keygroup view is the output pane where you can set volume and pan for the whole group. You also get a choice of outputs. for your Kick, just choose the default 1/2, for the snare choose 3/4, and for the Hi-hat choose 5/6. Make sure the "group mixing" button is enabled or you won't hear it.

That's it for SC, now it's time do some routing in Reaper.

You need three new audio tracks for your drums, name them Kick, Snare and Hat and make sends to each of them from your SC track.

Now to make sure the tracks receive on the right channels, in the SC track "io" window:

Disable the Master/parent send box

Set the number of channels to 6 (in this case, 16 if you are feeling ambitious)

Set the audio channels to 1/2, 3/4 and 5/6 for Kick, Snare and Hat.

Now try it out and see what fun you have mixing with it.

Drum Folder

I think a full kit will need putting in a folder, so this what you need to do to folderize your drums

In the TCP (track control panel) Make sure the sampler is at the bottom, drag it there if neccesary.

Insert a new track above all of the drums and make it a folder track by clicking on the folder icon

Make the sampler the "end " track - by clicking on the folder icon

You will now be able to mix the whole kit and the folder track will be the Master for the drum mix

Happy drum mixing
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