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Default Reaper Power

Ah right, gotcha Oldtimer, dragging samples from the media explorer yeah, I can see this getting easier all the time now.

Hey, way to go Micheal, that's sounding pretty darn good.


you could not do this with any other DAW I know of, well I never could anyway. ( cautious disclaimer)

This is kinda hard to explain so let's have a go.

Look carefully at the pic and you will see three audio tracks above one midi track. The midi SC track has just a kick stick and ride going on to keep it small. They have been split up and routed to the audio tracks. For those of you that are new to Reapers routing power, I'll explain in brief. Tracks in Reaper have channels, you can have up to 64 channels. So I have used channels 1/2 for the kick 3/4 for the stick, and 5/6 for the ride.

When I rec-armed the three audio tracks and hit record, Reaper recorded the output of the midi track onto three different audio drum tracks simultaneously - now how's that for smart!

I was able to put them into a folder as well so if we build a big kit we can also hide it out of the way when we need to.

Here is the project file for you to deconstruct at your leisure,

It's not musical at all just to demo the routing, you should be looking specifically at the sample outputs in SC, and at the channel settings on the sends from the midi channel. Note also the master parent send of the midi channel is disabled. Why do we need to do that then?

Full instructions will follow so don't panic if you don't get it
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