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ooh glad to see it's been busy here of late.
OldTimer, you don't want to drag the files or they end up as items on tracks, that's likely to mess our project up, unless you want it for some special reason. When you select multiple items click the "Open" button, then the samples only end up in the SC pane.

Yeah, you can audition samples in the SC's browser when you are replacing them.

Now I'm thinking we should be getting into how SC integrates into Reaper and how we can perform some mixing tricks from Reapers mixer, sadly SC will not build multiple channels so I am thinking hard about routing to audio channels, this might take a little while. Ideally what I would like to do is write our beats in the midi editor and record to separate kick, snare, toms, and overhead group tracks for mixing, then we can mute or delete SC and get the processing power back.

I may need a bit of time for this so be patient my friends.

Now here is a kit I knocked up a bit quick, no layers at all, just the normal GM drum set, whole kit weighs in at about 18 Mb, I'm thinking of making this or something like this available to download as a working VST instrument for noobs, whadda ya think?
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