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Glad you people are tuning in thanks for the advice and links Micheal. I don't know a lot about this stuff myself so I'm learning with you.

Hardplay, having fully customisable kits is my reason for doing this. Depending on your creative style you might just want to make a small electronic kit with no layering. So it is scalable. I will probably end up using it for the more unorthodox percussion sounds myself and it will probably change my creative output.

So now I'll try to explain a good feature we can use. SC does not have to load a whole drum kit in one go, that's handy for us because it gets confusing when you have a hundred samples. What we can do is build a layered snare and then save it as a channel, we could do that with all the pieces and save them as individual drums, I think I will save all the snares which fall on keys C#1 - E1 though, and I will also save all my toms as a channel too (on GM kit there are 6 toms). Then when it comes to loading I can choose kit pieces instead of having to choose a whole kit. you can see the benefits of being able to change your kick drum easily.

So now i am going to show you what I think is the quick easy way to do a multi layered snare, once you know this you can go back and do a proper layered kick drum instead of the cheat one I showed you earlier.

To simplify matters I have attached seven snares from the Custom Works kit for you to use here:

So put you snare samples in your SC folder open your project,

BTW I have saved a Project template for SC which saves the kit, but I didn't have the same luck with the Track template.

Now click the load button browse to the snare files folder and select all seven of them and open them. You will notice they are in order, I-7 in the stack, the quietest being the first, this is good naming convention

Now you should have all you samples on different keys C1 - F#, play the notes on your midi key board to check they are all present and correct and playing soft to loud. Now is a good time to edit them if you don't think they sound right; that's one of the reasons for having them on different keys, the other one is just coming.

When we did the kick drum we changed the min and max velocities by typing values in, there's a better way than that

click where it says "multi" at the top of your channel and the Zone window opens looking something like this:

Edit: sorry if you don't see images, there seems to problem with shup right now

At the moment they are all full length ie. velocity: 0 - 127.

By dragging the ends with your mouse you want them to look more like this

That's the velocities done but they are still spread across keys so now go back to the other window by clicking on a sample in the left pane, select all the samples by clicking the the top one, hold Shift, click bottom. The sample pane tell you Multiple Zones are selected - any changes we apply will affect all samples, that's very useful to know for other things as well.
Now click the "learn all" button and hit the midi key that will play the snare, and now they should be all on the same key, in this case probably D1.

Nearly done, I just noticed I didn't change play mode to "forward shot", we could have done that at the start and it would have been copied, however if you select all again now the change will affect all samples anyway so nothing lost really.

Great that's your seven layer snare done. Save it as channel + samples - call it Snare_D or something so you know which key it's for

Top tip

For another drum you can kinda use this a template if you want to save youself fiddling with the velocities just by replacing the samples and moving them to another key with the "learn all" function. Unfortunately it's not easy to audition the samples though.

Now you have that done that there is nothing to stop you from doing all the other drums, it's quite fiddly to do full seven layer GM kit with percussion and everything and I don't have much use for the GM standard but it's there if you want it. Personally I think I will use smaller kits, and percussion kits and put each instance on a Reaper track of it's own.

Thanks for all the help with the links and stuff, any questions and other supportive drum sampling sampling stuff. Hey why not upload a loop of you first beat made with SC to encourage others
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