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I'm glad you found it useful Tedwood! All 4 kits have very different sounds, great for different tunes & styles.

My goal is to use your great info to create 6 kits to use, these 4, plus I have the full 5 DVD ns7_kit sample library that I am really wanting to use. I have EZD & Addictive drums, but the processed sounds is really not that flexible. I mean, they sounds great for R&R, electric guitar based stuff, but are a little over the top when doing Folksy-Eagles type stuff. This is where Bluenoise "MyDrumset" and SuperDrum FX comes in handy, the raw sounds make it blend great with Acoustic guitars, mando, & bass.

I also have a kit that sounds good, but I don't have a clue where I got it from. The folder has a date of 11-07, but there is no other info (and I always place any & all info I can with every folder!). This is a Sonar kit with Paiste & Zildjian cymbals, but the cool part is that they have Roto Tom Samples! There are an average of 8 layers for the drums and 4 for the cymbals. The Roto Toms are 2 sets, with Black Dot and Clear Heads, plus each set has Close & Room samples......If ANYONE knows where this set came from please let me know! It all came as 1 download, complete.

I really don't want to post them if it is not cool to do so...

Looking forward to some more instruction!
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