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Great stuff Smurf, some really great samples there!

Micheal, I don't use Shortcircuit 2 because I got stuck trying to figure out how to do a forward shot - couldn't find the play mode anywhere, It does have some better features but I didn't find it very intuitive
Maybe someone can help with that eh?

Anyhoo! to business.


You should have been able to open your project with everything working, if not you can reload the channel from the load button. Now we are going to layer the kick drum, for a really good kit in the traditional sense you would want samples of the same drum hit soft through to hard. To keep things simple and to demonstrate other possibilities I am just going to use the same sample in different ways. I will only do two layers, you might not even want different samples and layers for you genre, but this will demonstrate the principals.

Depending on your level of experience you may find this a little confusing, if so I would urge you not to be too hasty and give up, just take your time and go through it methodically and it become quite simple once you get past this stage

You have one kick drum in your channel, now right click on the sample in the channel window (left column) and select the option "clone (same key range)", and you get an identical sample with the same settings as your first. Now look at the Zone Range settings, both your samples are set at 127 max vel, and 0 min vel. This needs changing.

This is how you want them to look

Kick 1: min vel: 0; max vel: 90
Kick 2: min vel: 91; max vel: 127

Note: easy way to enter vel value is to double click, type value - press Enter

Now you can see our first sample will be triggered up to a velocity of 90, thereafter the second sample will be triggered, of course 90 is just an arbitrary figure I chose and a mutli sampled kit might have many more layers, you will surprised at what you can do with just a couple of layers though.

If you followed my simple suggestion and used the same sample we need some tricks to make them sound like one is being hit harder than the other. It's not just a matter of volume, there is eq, pitch and attack involved too, probably all kinds of other stuff like harmonics as well, but I digress.

So with sample one we want softer, duller sort of tone. This work is best done with midi keyboard input because you need to feel the velocities and hear the results, if you don't have midi keys the best alternative is to use a midi item on your track with alternating soft and hard notes and set it to play repeat.

Now make sure you are working on your first sample, hit your C1 key with varying degrees of velocity and it gets louder and that's all, now we are going to change the value in the vel sens, you can experiment but I am going to set mine at -50db instead of the default -30db. You should immediately notice you can get softer hits and better dynamics on your kick drum now, if not make sure you are working on the right sample (easy mistake).

Now we will change the pitch a little, set the "coarse tune" to -1.

Next some EQ. In the filter 1 box select either of the EQ options. I chose the parametric and made the following adjustments to give a slightly softer sound, you could also use the graphic EQ or experiement with any of the other options of course:

gain: +6db
freq: 100Hz
BW: 1.6
gain: -6.3
freq: 1.7Hz
BW: 3.1

I also compensated slightly for the overall boost by changing the "amplitude" setting in the "output" box to -2db.

Of course I have no idea whether this will suit your samples but it works a treat with my Gretch Kick sample

That's it for sample 1. Now is a good time to save your channel again as before (right click, save channel+samples)

This is how the sample looks showing the EQ graph -

Sample two.
From now on it starts to get easy, but it also gets fiddly, you will pick up speed surprisingly fast though

This is really just a few simple tweaks, now you know what these do I will just give a simple list.

Makes sure sample two is selected, the vel should already be: min 91 and max 127, so just a few changes in the zone box.

This time I don't touch the vel sens at -30db
I set the coarse tune at 1
I select the graphic EQ this time and carve a little scoop out of the middle and add a little to the top to give me more attack, and I have to adjust the amplitude in the output box by ear until the transition between both samples sounds natural when I hit the C1 key.

Now that's it for the first sample, save it as before and save your project.

Next session we will get stuck into some multi sample snares.
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