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I think I just found a workaround to a long standing CPU concern: Because We need the Reaper function: "Run Background Projects" To be "ON" for this to work. A large Project had a big CPU hit to the computer. It's never been an actual issue for me but I don'T like Reaper to show 800% in the activity monitor.

But there is another Reaper Function named "Run Stopped Background Projects". With this option set to OFF, only the playing tabs are online.

So I use this action to initiate playback:
  AudioRoutingTab = reaper.EnumProjects(0,0)
And this one to Stop:
  AudioRoutingTab = reaper.EnumProjects(0,0)
This way, I'm making sure that I keep my Audio Routing Tab Play-State in sync with my playback tabs and I never have more than 2-3 tabs online at the same time.

I just tried a quick stress test of a 150 opened songs averaging 20 audio tracks in each. Never got a CPU over 80%. I now need to do some testing on this to make sure it's reliable but so far it looks promising.
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