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Originally Posted by akademie View Post
Hi hopi,
it definitelly is possible to use ReaRoute in portable Reaper - IF normal Reaper is also INSTALLED on the same computer.
The thing is that ReaRoute driver needs to be installed into Windows registry to be shown/available in Reaper (no matter if portable or normal-installed) as in/out device (it is available also to other audio apps).
I don't remember exact steps to make it working like that right now, but I will check some of my posts later to find it out, because few years ago I wrote about it here in some thread I believe.
Of course that it is not portable=transferable to another computer.. It alwas MUST be installed. But I think you can install only that ReaRoute driver, not full Reaper.

Will try to find it and I'll be back later.
Thanks ... hope you come back as I'd like to know how to make it part of windows...

I do have a normal install and also a couple of portables.... I did try to copy the rearoute dll from the full install to the portables but that did not work...

BTW, a similar issue exists with rewire.... can't use it in the portables... so if you know a way to hack that also, please do tell!
...should be fixed for the next build...
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