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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
Yup the NoAction Action is for just that.

Thanks for improving the design, perhaps unwittingly

You actually just asked for 2 Navigators, a TrackNavigator and a SendsNavigator.

Hadn't considered that.

Ok, so new syntax for this, we can drop:
 Navigator TrackNavigator
and do something like this:

Zone Home
    SendsButton ToggleZone AllSends

Zone AllSends
   Included Zones

Zone Sends|1-4
    Rotary| SendVolume
    RotaryPush| Cycle SendsNavigator

Notice the AllSends Zone which simply contains all the Sends Zones -- this makes the Activation/Deactivation of all Sends by the single SendsButton easy to state.

Once again we see the separation of Activation (all Sends) and Navigation (a Send within a Track).

Does this make sense as a way to handle your Sends scenario ?
With my basic knowledge of code (which I've learnt here btw lol) it seems to make sense.
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