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Originally Posted by MixMonkey View Post
Just a thought, but might not this scenario be more easily handled by simply having a Sends Page, identical to the regular channel page, except that the channel rotary controls the send level and the rotary push cycles through the sends? Track banking the same as regular channel Page.

or am I being old fashioned now we have zones?
I'll be using my C4 but just thought that anyone with a MCU or the likes, may benefit from the send function being "in its own box" for want of a better term.

"Send button" and you're in the sends,
"pan" and your back to your pan and width functions,

rather than cycling thru on the main page to get back. (Sorry MixMonkey, I picked you up wrong on the scenario, I though you meant having the sends as a continuation of the pan width cycle. although the send Zone would most likely be faster to write in).lol.

As I'm assuming if you left a cycle on a send, then banked to a different channel then back the cycle would still be "in play", or would it default back to pan once you banked?

Just thinking of usable alternative mapping.

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