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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post

Hmmm.... When we Activate the Sends Zone, do the 4 Send Channels insert and push the other 4 normal Channels down the Surface, yeah, probably that's right.
Not sure I would expect it to behave this way. I'd expect the 4 Send channels to replace the 4 regular channels, with the channels either side remaining unaffected (ie not moving on the surface).

When the Sends Zone is exited, the regular channels return. Because the Sends Zone is likely to only be in effect temporarily, the presence of this 'hole' in the regular channels is less off-putting than having all the channels jump right.

Being able to bank the regular channels 'underneath' the hole created by the Sends Zone means you will still be able to access those channels that disappear when the Sends Zone is active. When the Sends Zone is de-activated, the channels that fill the hole reflect any banking that has taken place, as you said.

The important thing for me would be to allow the selection of another regular channel, whilst the Send Zone is active, and have that channel's sends replace the initially selected channel's sends on the Send Zone widgets, without first having to exit the Sends Zone.

Let's say you have a RotaryPush that does our familiar Pan/Width move.

Let's say you have a Zone Activated that maps the Rotaries to an FX.

When you push the Rotary you would expect it to operate on the FX (e.g. a drill down, or whatever you have mapped to that RotaryPush).

You would NOT expect that RotaryPush to "bleed through" to the underlying Zone and change the Pan/Width, right ?

If you imagine each Zone overlaying the previous Zone, isn't the solution to our problem just -- the Widget controls the parameter in the Zone highest on the stack, the one that covers all the others below it ?
This sounds right to me.
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