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Originally Posted by hopi View Post
thanks for that info... it is interesting and yet on windows it definitely only works on the normal install and not on a portable... even if you have both kinds of installs...

it seems that this loopback trick depends on the rearoute dll being in play and that dll does not install on a windows portable...
Even if I copy it from the normal install to a portable, it will not work.

But... there may be some way to hack it into working which is why I have asked.... so anyone got any ideas?

It is not terribly important to me to have this working but I am curious about it.
Actually I don't understand why and how the OP wants to use it... since it seems to me much the same could be done with a fake master on each tab project... with the exception of running two project tabs at the same time.... but we don't have a need for that.
But on windows isn't it what Rearoute does???
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