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Unfortunately i don't think it's quite so simple as having a "master tab", but if it's because you need to mix between different buses there are a couple of workarounds
1) use a mixer plugin on the monitor FX bus and have your songs as multi-channel output - maybe using lbx stripper to make a custom plugin
2)use another app as your mixer - Mulab free or ableton lite or something, as long as it can do ASIO, you can use ReaRoute to link them (this is actually possible using 2 instances of reaper, if you have 2 soundcards, but it's a bit wobbly to set up, and i don't think you can use Rearoute on a portable install)
3) if your soundcard has a loopback facility you might be able to route tabs into other tabs, or maybe even with something like voicemeeter
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