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Default Reaper Live Use - separate project as master mix

I wonder if this is possible in reaper and, if so, if anyone can give some tips on how best to set this up.

I'm currently preparing a live setup using reaper. I'm going down the route of having separate songs in separate projects and opening the projects in project tabs. I have SWS extensions installed and I've disabled "run background projects". This means that only the visible song/project is using resources (I think). Using various actions, etc I can easily switch between song/project tabs.

Each song, routes individual tracks to various busses that are the same in each project, i.e. Click, Drums, Vocals, Guitars, Synths, Bass.

What I would like to do is have a separate (master) reaper project to act as a "Master mixer". i.e. I could route the individual busses from each individual project to the "master mixer" in same way as if I had outputted each buss to a separate channel on an external mixer.

Thanks in advance
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