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I'm currently evaluating the latest version of Reaper on a Windows 10 64bit PC running a Core I7 with a Xonar D2 card. There's an ASIO setting for Xonar and an ASIO4All2 setting.

ASIO4ALL2 has less noise in the background than the Xonar ASIO, but I'm having trouble getting the metronome to play when using ASIO4All2.

When I use the Xonar ASIO, the click is there and works like it should, but there's EM interference coming through from inside the Xonar ASIO pathway. It's faint but bothersome.

When ASIO4ALL2 is selected the EM noise is substantially reduced, and I can hear the instruments fine, but no metronome sound.

As soon as I switch it back to the Xonar ASIO setting, I get the metronome and the instrument ( and the extra noise ). What is the trick to getting the metronome to play nice with ASIO4All2? Anybody?

UPDATE: I don't know what I did, but it started working.
UPDATE: Didn't change anything and it stopped working again.
UPDATE: Uninstalled ASIO4ALL and assigned it to the Xonar card's ASIO.
UPDATE: Rerouted the PC input from the media out on the board to the amp's tape record out.
RESULT: About the same level of EM noise as before.

DETAIL: The EM is coming from inside the PC. For example I use a corded optical mouse and you can hear the signals from it as it moves plus some other background noises. These noises are also there when Reaper isn't being used, but when ASIO4ALL was being used, they were at a lower level. When I start Reaper it is immediately noticeable in the background. However it's also below the threshold of normal human detection when there's sound being recorded or played at the same time. Something like a noise gate would get rid of it when recording, so I'm going to see if there's anything like that in the plugins that will work.

UPDATE: BTW I also tried to get WASAPI to work and it simply refused to start the sound service. This may be a limitation of the Xonar D2 card. I don't know. So far the only settings that work with everything as they should is with Xonar ASIO selected. There's some other little trickier settings that me as a newbie am discovering that may be helpful to others as well ( like the pan mode options ).

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