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Default Send FX param name before value

Interestingly, a search of the forums for the term "OSC" returned no posts at all, but I found this thread. I hope it's still active.

Problem: No matter how I alter the ReaperOSC file, the feedback message for LAST_TOUCHED_FX_PARAM_VALUE sends *before* LAST_TOUCHED_FX_PARAM_NAME, regardless of their order in the file. I'm trying to monitor which FX parameters are being changed, and finding out which parameter it is *after* the value makes things complicated. I'd have to add a delay to make sure it's the parameter I think it is, and when it happens for all those parameters to be moving all over the place in a complicated project, it will be impossible to know which is which.

AFAIK, OSC also actually allows for an arbitrary number of values to be included in one message, of arbitrary types. It could send an int, a string, and a float, one after the other, all in the same message. I'm not sure what the reasoning was behind sending exactly one value for each message, but to be able to do anything with these feedback messages, it'll be very, very complicated having just one piece of information at a time.
Still, if Reaper would at least send the name of the parameter before its value, I'd be grateful!

Thank you!
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