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Originally Posted by ambient View Post
Like a music video, several video tracks of different shots going the full length of the song.

My first thought is to simply cut the bits I want out and move them to some sort of master track. But that seems needlessly time consuming.

Is there a way to easily switch between which track is going to the output?

This is the first time I've tried to use Reaper for video, so I have no idea what I'm doing.
Hi ambient,

the workflow is pretty straight forward. Place your video on separate tracks and realize that the track on top of the stack always gets all the video inputs from the (video) tracks below. (Except you changed the behavior in the project settings to do it in reverse.)

This is important to know because if you want to use effects like blur only on certain tracks they should be added at tracks below to make sure they don't affect every video in the stack.

So imagine the track at the very top as the input of all below. If you cut out (or mute) a part of the video above, the next track below "shines" thru. If no video signal can be found, video processor shows a green screen (in future versions of Reaper a black screen).

To sync several video tracks use the audio signal to spot a specific peak which can be used to align the video items. Best thing is to clap at the beginning of the video recording to make this clap signal peak your reference point.

You could add a video processor to every video track's FX chain and use the preset "Item fades affect video" on all to use the item faders for blending from one track to the track below more slowly.

Hope that helps a bit
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