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Default OSC bug: s/fxparam/@/value/str contains float instead of string value

The OSC feedback for plugin parameters contains a float value instead of a string value when the parameter is a continuous parameter. For discrete parameters the correct string value is sent.
Example for UAD EMT140 plugin:
	Plate		B
	Damping A	2.2 s
	Damping B	1.7 s
	Damping C	1.2 s
	EQ		Out
	LFreq		0.2200
	LGain		-8.5 dB
	HFreq		1.0000
	HGain		0.0 dB
	PreDly		0.1950
	ModRate		0.0000
	ModDepth	0.0000
	Width		1.0000
	WetSolo		Solo
	Mix		0.2474
	LowCut		M 90Hz
The feedback for FX_PARAM_NAME s/fxparam/@/name and FX_PARAM_VALUE s/fxparam/@/value/str is shown. All continuous parameters contain a float value with four decimal places instead of a string intended for presentation, all discrete parameters contain the correct string value. In the plugin parameter view the continuous parameters are displayed as a slider with a float value next to it, the discrete parameters are displayed as select controls containing string values.

This issue also affects (is related to) the display of the track controls:
All discrete parameters are displayed correct, all continuous parameters contain a float value where a string value should be displayed.
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