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Thumbs up ReaControl24 OSC client - feedback

Hi, I've implemented ReaControl24 using the OSC csurf plugin, and there were a few things that cropped up that I'd really love to see in there:
  • Project open / close signals: bracketing the group of OSC messages that result
  • Dump state: re-send the group of OSC messages similar to when a project opens
  • Echo capability: for some commands, enable an 'echo' message once the DAW confirms action has been taken place (specifically TRACK_VOLUME)
  • Arbitrary state: to enable state objects not specifically bound to an action, to keep the control surface 'dumb' as possible
  • Test panel: like the 'listen' dialog in reverse, allow a quick/easy send of an OSC message
  • Debug mode/feedback: when the Reaper.OSC file entries are incorrect, badly mapped etc. to have some feedback from the csurf of what is wrong e.g. Float parameter expected, got string; Action does not exist.
  • Midi style values: things like rotary centre begin 64 in a 1 byte value

That's all on top of my head for now. I must say Reaper.OSC has been great to work with, I'm really glad to have chosen it as a way forward for my project.
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