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Originally Posted by schwa View Post
azslow3, very nice work here. I was looking over the changelog and noticed this:
If you want to, this behavior can mostly be emulated in REAPER, if you enable the project setting Options/Automation items/Bypass underlying envelope outside of automation items (in the RPP as POOLEDENVATTACH&4), and write the envelope values into the RPP in the POOLEDENV section. Unlike in Sonar, values will be chased when seeking in between automation items.
Thanks for the tip! Writing the converter happened to be a good way to learn fine details of Sonar and Reaper.

Originally Posted by rothchild
Well I have 8.5 if you need another tester ;-)
I hope everyone can be a tester soon. I just want to add a bit more features and clarify some VST3 problems before publishing it.

While I was not thinking about pre X Sonars before, it happened to work fine with Sonar 7 file. I mean it seems like not a big effort to support any CWPs. DrumMaps for pre X will require some extra investigation (one not existing section prevent reliably match them with track outputs at the moment, but that is long term task since I do not convert DrumMaps at all in current version).
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