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Originally Posted by 4duhwinnn View Post
In Mint18. wine 2.11, I was able to register IK Multimedia's
Sonik Synth 2, and it's working in linux reaper via linvst.
Bodes well for using IK's new Syntronik. SS2 has some great sounds. in my linux reaper won't import, or receive sounds
by drag&drop, but sforzando in windows reaper via wine
does both. Tested using sfz files from
Cakewalk's Dimension Pro, most of it's samples are .flac files,
with some .wav files.

But loading soundfonts caused sforzando to lock up.
Quite a mixed bag. But using an ethereal choir from
SS2, like a reverb, with a Dimension Pro grand piano in sforzando,
was very enjoyable, but for now I'm too sleepy to care...
I had a look at the sforzando binary and it's using the ole32 dll.

I can get the standalone sforzando working with drag and drop but the vst doesn't enable drag and drop for some reason, maybe because of some sort of library conflict.

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