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Originally Posted by sonicowl View Post
Reaper can do pass-through/channel-strip processing. Latency depends on your hardware. Or if you need processing between programs, you can use ReaRoute Asio driver to internally send audio from any program to Reaper.
I would need to do processing from the mic to several other programs, but none of those programs use ASIO, hence my difficulty. Reaper would be sending the gated, EQ'd, noise-reductioned, etc mic audio to other programs, not the other way around, which has been my stumbling block RE latency. The other programs would only be able to interact with it in a waveout/WDM mode, hence my use of CABLE to tunnel everything from the one program i was using into a virtual 'microphone' input to select in the other programs.

I'm just confused as to how to get the audio out of Reaper, as, for example, when i'm in ASIO mode, the only output i get is from the headphone port on playback mix, or the playback RCA/1/4" jacks on the unit itself. Windows won't play sound through my headphones on my internal soundcard, Audacity doesn't pick it up, Skype doesn't, etc. The others will give me varying delays up to almost 2 seconds depending on if i have 2-3 VSTs loaded like reaFIR.
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