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Originally Posted by RezaYazdi604 View Post
thanks everyone. With your help I resolved my latency problem.

Originally the audio device was WavOUT which had ~200mSec.
I switched it to WASAPI and I was able to reduce it to ~40mSec.

I downloaded and installed ASIO4ALL and with a couple of teaks, I was able to get it down to 8mSec! which is perfect.

Really appreciate it.

Is there anything even faster than ASIO??? Just curious.

Thanks again for the help
As far as I know, ASIO4ALL is the fastest option for PCs. Macs use core audio instead of ASIO - which may or may not be faster than ASIO4ALL. A lot depends on the audio interface used with them. Note that if you don't want audio "colored" by your computer's sound "card", you should turn off all of its audio "effects" (via its Windows control panel.)

Good Background Info and Interface Data Base

Some audio interfaces don’t report their latencies properly. But it’s easy to measure. You’ll probably need to run it in Windows 7 compatibility mode on Windows 10.

Gearslutz’s Audio Interface Low Latency Performance Data Base
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