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Hi there,

i am a complete newbie to Reaper and have installed it onto my new DAW PC to try it out. I am absolutely blown away about all the customizations and features but also have a little issue which i couldn't solve myself so far.

My setup includes a I7-6700k with 32 GB RAM and various SSD and HDD drives. Right now i am testing a Behringer UMC404HD audio device that features direct monitoring. My master keyboard is a NI Komplete S88 and i use it to send MIDI data out to my Korg Kronos and my Yamaha Motif workstations. But when doing this within Reaper, a noticible delay can be heared when pressing a key on the NI keyboard to trigger the Korg, for example. As this also happens when the direct monitoring with zero latency feature is turned on, this seems to be a MIDI issue as there is no latency when a key is pressed directly on the Korg's keyboard. Does anyone have an idea why this happens and how it could be eliminated? might
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