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Thanks for the comments guys. To me, it's the "overall" sound I'm concerned with - does the music convey the atmosphere I'm looking for? I agree that real vocals would be so much better than the text-to-speech stuff (any one else hear Rutger Hauer's narration in Arjen Lucassen's album?), but I kind of like the "inhuman" element to them. I'm trying to figure out how to use them in another context.

And yes, I mix with these crappy cheap Logitech X-140 speakers that I bought for about $30.00 at Target. I figure that most people listen to most of their music through computer speakers or weird headphones nowadays anyway, so if it sounds good coming out of these speakers, then I'm probably on target (no pun intended there!).

I still need some work on my mixing and mastering. Things seem to "compress" and flatten out more than I want. But this style of music tends to be very "muddy" and thick. I'm no Steven Wilson or Andy Sneap, ... what you hear is what you get. Maybe I'm the Ed Wood of production?

Anyways, thanks again, and any criticisms are greatly valued and appreciated.
ThanX, Dimaension X
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