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OK... I [for one] am liking this:

changes are:
1-the CLIP LED is now on the "VU" that is part of the white face, you see it RED [ON] here in the top meter and OFF in the bottom meter.

2-the designation for Left and Right is now a very [IMO] subtle L and R on the bottom left of the black frame... barely visible but it is there.

3- the name of the logo text near the needle is now Vu Du
....hahaha 'by golly, Less IS More!'

4- the Screw is the one from a knobman png stack... and is intended to turn as a ref control. thought is that the read out number for that ref, could go right on the white face, nice and small, in the same light gray as the other white face texts, and could be
nicely located just above the right side silver screw, just above the small text at the right of that screw.

...should be fixed for the next build...
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