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Originally Posted by babiuk View Post
Yeah, Great name vudu!
I even propose a setp beyond: Rea VUdu with capitals V and U, how do you see it?
yeah now we are getting down to the important stuff!

I'll give it a try that way, but due to the font and the balance of the space the U in caps might not work great.. but we can easily try it a few diff ways....

so talk to me a bit more about the Clip red stuff...

what I've show is a trick I have used on a few of my own Neb skins... actually just did it that way on the last one as a special second version because of a request from an online friend who said the little LED's were too hard for him to see.

This meter, in reality does not have a CLIP Led, ..right?
I could work the redness down so that it looked like a red lite hidden at the top of meter was what came om to show clipping.

I'm not attached to any of this... just tossing out thoughts.
...should be fixed for the next build...
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