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Banned... I'm not versed in 3D graphics.

If you or anyone here is, perhaps we could see an example of how this meter would look better?

Other thought... a lot of this discussion started with the idea to program the needle instead of using a png stack or even using a set of png files for the needles. I did some Neb skin with a very small version of a similar meter. In that you only have one way of doing it. You can't use a png stack, you have to use separate png files for each movement of the needle. I used 120 of them.
There are no considerations for ballistics in that... it's a very basic and very restricted way to go. And there is no consideration for anything like peak or RMS, etc. Each needle png can be set to a db value, and that is it, period amen.

On the other hand, 128 frames is more than enough for a needle in an arc like this to cover everything smoothly.

So then d.bop generously offers to do it in code, pointing out that it gives smoother movement compared to using stacks, etc.

So really I'm just giving the history here... I've just been lending a hand with the looks. The rest is beyond me.
...should be fixed for the next build...
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