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Originally Posted by hopi View Post
well all that stuff will be up to you and d.bop to consider I suppose...

me? I like a meter to show me what is going on fast and then to also have a 'hold' line... that shows where the peaks are.
Anyway I believe hold line shows the "peak" when VU is set to meter peaks and "max RMS" when is set to meter RMS. Or maybe I am wrong? I tell you this because when you are metering RMS the needle doesn't listen to the peaks(at least it is what I think) so the hold line is just the max level RMS got at these moments. I always thought red clip was for advertising about peaks clipping, I mean clip set to listen to peaks but neddle is set to listen to RMS.
Am I right or wrong?

Anyway in case I am wrong I find useful looking at RMS behaviour and just being advertised about peaks by knowing just when they clip, because you can pay attention to rms level and compress with it in mind and eye and let the peaks task for limiter.

I use to care a lot about rms because I try to do always a right gain staging so i can feed the plugins with a level which is the optimus for them. So I find rms is so important info, it is something you learn to pay attention when you use nebula programs coming from real analog gear (which is so dependant from a right level to work at its best). It is just a matter or a choice of recreating the analog procedure and extract the best from the sampled stuff.

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