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Originally Posted by babiuk View Post
Yes, hopi, you are right, of course reaper tracks are really stereo because they offer you the way to use them in stereo, but you can choose to use them as mono too, that is what I did mean, sorry for confusion I created.

I really meant if you are working on mono(and you avoid the stereo behaviour of tracks) you can strech the window and hide the R row but you donīt like to see L there so it could be nice if you had the option to choose L or nothing, being nothing the mono case. This way we'd have meters for stereo (where as you said we do need a L or R to identify)and meters for mono where no label is needed and it'd be more elegant, how do you see it?

And about the screw itīs true, it was your image showing a screw not mine!
You added it and it is a real enhacement, yes. So using it as knob could be nice. And what about showing ref number on white area?
I might be wrong but I think the Ref number is a field that d.bop adds with code. If that is true, I see no reason to not have it on the white face... in fact, in the latest example it could go in the upper right corner as a balance to the L and R letters...

As to the mono or stereo meters showing... I'll have to leave that you and d.bop to decide... Since afaik, it would be a matter of more work for him.
I can easily supply the image parts and piece for both ways, say like the L and R used as CLIP Led's, and also a single face with no L or R and a round Led clip lite in that same location.
...should be fixed for the next build...
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