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firstly, there are no momo tracks in reaper.

you can have a mono wav file on a track but the track itself is not mono... to see this try:

put a mono wav on a track, the tcp or mcp meter.
move the pan full left or full right and watch the meter...
set the pan to center and watch the meter... you see?

further ...put the SleepyTime stereo channel vst on that track watch the meters there...

OK now with that said, you'll notice for example with the SleepyTime stereo channel, you can shrink the FX window to show only the left meter... eh?

So with the 'meter bridge' as shown you 'could' do the same to show only the upper row of meters, the ones labeled L.

Now maybe that L and R should go somewhere else... say lower right corner and be made more subtle?

Next... if you really compare the image in your original post with my versions of that, you will see I did indeed fatten up the black at the bottom... [hahaha I know for sure cuz I did it]

Also when you say the 'screw' do you mean the big one in the middle in the black center below the needle? IF so that does not exist in your original images... but IS shown in one of my posts. The image there did not come from your images at all. While looking similar, I made that one from something else entirely.
However, that big screw could certainly be added to the image OK and be used however d.bop wanted to use it. It could be made into its own png stack to become a rotating knob.

back to the L R labels for a moment:

Perhaps they are not needed at all or perhaps they could go on the white face, say in the upper left top corner???

They really are only there for a user to know what they are seeing. IF one always knew the top meter is the Left and bottom is the Right... well, you see what I'm saying, eh?
...should be fixed for the next build...
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