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Originally Posted by schwa View Post
[...] In other words, you could skip the pattern config file entirely, not care about using the OSC device as a defined control surface, and instead just map messages to actions and FX learn the same way you could map an extended keyboard or any MIDI device. Or, you can have the device set up as a control surface, and additionally map controls to actions/FX learn at run-time (just as you would keyboard shortcuts) without having to reload the pattern config file.
Thanks for the explanation. Indeed, OSC support outside of the realm of control surfaces.
I do think it is very confusing to use the term "actions" in both places (actions list as well as OSC control surface configuration) as the central concept. Perhaps call the OSC actions "behaviors" instead, or "patterns". Or whatever, as long as it's not "action."

Btw, the Learn feature should also be able to distinguish separate arguments of messages with multiple arguments. If you have e.g. a XY pad or accelerometer you need to be able to tell which of the multiple arguments you want to bind the action to.

I'd also like to see something like a checkbox in the Learn window to enable/disable feedback per individual action, which preference could then also be stored in the reaper-osc-actions.ini file.
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