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Originally Posted by ashcat_lt View Post
Zeno - that one doesn’t appear to have integrated gain control, which was one of the asks here. Have you tried mine? If you click through to the other thread, there is some discussion of what part of the code does the scaling that might give you some insight. It involves like overriding functions and I’m not sure how that actually works. Like if yours uses other functions that also need overridden, I guess you have to just sort that out cause it wouldn’t be a straight copy/paste.
If spl0 and spl1 is defined as input for the meter as well as for the gain, then the meter refers to the input, not to the gain.
Basically, the meter must be built around the input gain.
I think this can be done for example by not choosing spl0 and spl1 for the meter readout, but by giving "spl0/spl1 +/- the current gain value" a name and choosing this name as reference for the meter readout.
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