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Originally Posted by ashcat_lt View Post
So naming JS plugs can be weird, and Iím not sure I completely understand it.
I'm suspecting there's an issue with using mixed case or spaces as the file name. It asked me to name the effect, I named it "Gain Stager" and it opened with the name "new effect" this time. The original JS instance had the right name (i.e. the one I had inserted) but subsequent copyies caused the "new effect" name to manifest.

So, i think there's an undocumented issue with either spaces or mixed case. I then created it with the name gain_stager and modified the desc with the name Gain Stager, moved it to the utility sub-folder and everything works as expected. And perhaps choking on the name causes it to pull the previously-working name out of a cache.

I had also done some other things that I don't think affected the outcome, but as a developer that bellows at anyone that creates properties with unconventional names because it is just asking for trouble, I am sheepishly admitting that maybe I should take my own advice.
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