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Originally Posted by ashcat_lt View Post
Make sure you follow the link from my last post here. The version that actually works is at the bottom of that thread. It has a lot of weird options, but default should be about right for most people.
Great stuff. I'd like to change the defaults to have practical general use values.

Meter: The default meter time of 0 of course caused it to jump around wildly (it so happened I just randomly picked a drum track, great way to illustrate that). 175ms seems to work nicely on both drum and vocals.

Channel: I used Channel Sum - I saw your code modified the RMS to make sure it didn't divide by two, can I assume Sum it will work correctly for a mono source?

Caliibrate: As a tool aimed for Gain staging (I know, over-hyped topic and now I see it raging on YouTube I agree), I set it to -18. I wonder if -18 or -12 is a good general use value though. Personal taste, but again as a default, what's useful?

EDIT: after writing all that, now I see defaults for calibration, meter time = 300, channel left calibrate -18, etc. So, when I first opened and compiled it saved the file under Gain Stage Control (just a name I picked) I changed the desc to the same. But it keeps on showing up in my FX list as LT VU Meter (summed), same for the title in the FX listing. So, when I first compiled it didn't have these defaults but had the right name, but subsequently DID have the defaults but the wrong name. Clearing cache and rescanning for VSTs didn't change it (I was hoping it was a JS cache issue). Any ideas?

Detector: RMS for (I think) obvious reasons)

Autogain: Yikes. Took me a few seconds to figure out why the volumes suddenly jumped to deafening and didn't go back when turned off, but later noticed the +24 jump on Gain (you know, drums). Definitely default to zero. Maybe I'll modify the code to have it return to the default gain when turned off.

I'd appreciate any thoughts you have on the settings, and again thank you for this tool.

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