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Originally Posted by Coachz View Post
For me RAM was my biggest bottleneck. Going from 6GB to 12GB changed my performance and all I have is plain old sata hard drives. Going SSD and staying at 6GB would have been no bueno.
Well yeah, all the pieces have to be in place!
That fast engine isn't going to do anything without gas in the tank (for the shitty car analogy).

You need both!

Are you a sample player?

I still see big mixing projects with 300 tracks and all that using 4GB ram.
On the other hand, I can leave a project with some crashy Soundtoys plugins open overnight and see 30GB of ram in use the next morning from the memory leaks!

Not sure what my point is beyond ripping on Soundtoys programming...

I'd put at least 8GB in a machine nowadays.
16GB if you're doing anything ram intensive. (Like browsing the internet has become apparently. I catch Firefox churning through 12GB ram every now and then!)

With a SSD, you'll get used to snappy response with everything and no matter how much multitasking you do. Again, seeking in the arrange window in a Reaper project. Try to go back to a machine running off a HDD after just a week and you WILL notice! It's not just the 3.7 second boot time.

Heh, and if you do run out of ram, paging will be faster. /s

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