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If I don't try to use any bridged from WINE VSTi instruments, I can record audio and midi using Jack running 44/24 @ 64 samples latency with 2 buffers, which is exactly how I run the same machine in Windows with REAPER.

If I try to use an instrument with WINE and Airwave, anything less than 512 samples latency in Jack will cause REAPER to get stuck trying to initialize the audio device to the point that I have to shut it down using the task manager.

Once that has happened, the audio hardware is in a lock state and trying to launch REAPER again will error out trying to access hardware that appears to still be in use. That's when I end up having to reboot to get control again. I'm sure I could probably reset audio in a terminal window, but I'm not yet familiar enough with Linux to know which module (Pulse/Asio/Jack) would be the one or what the command would be, so I just reboot.

I did a quick test using ReaSynth and a mic, and I can record clean audio and midi with no pops or clicks running at 64 samples latency. What kind of native Linux instruments can we using in the native Linux version of REAPER? I'd be interested in seeing how well midi works with some native Linux instrument plugins.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I did record a 25 track test song with real bass and real guitars, but all midi instruments for everything else. EZ-Drummer with Drumkit From Hell, Native Instruments B4 organ, Etc. Tracking at 512 samples was a bit laggy feeling, especially on the last tracks when the song had gotten fairly busy.
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