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Originally Posted by DaveKeehl View Post
I'm going to start the discussions with a question for you all:

What's the trickiest part you had to deal with, what was your approach and how did you fix it?
For me, the first thing when opening the project was "What the ^&*( am I going to do with all these guitar tracks!"

It wasn't a sonic issue as much as it was an arrangement issue. i.e what part should have focus when. So I actually started there, with the guitars. I needed to know the context that they should fit in before really working on the rest of the sounds.

I ended up putting them in a "room" (true stereo reverb) to make it all gel together. Also, (as you can tell) I'm not afraid of slapping amp impulses on previously amped guitar and bass tracks, or any source for that matter (Tchad Blake is my engineering hero - he'll use a lot of amp sims on just about anything) So I did the same with the bass, and ended up with this nice wall of sound. Ended up using true stereo impulses on everything - was the best way to go with all the sonic mush I was creating.

The vocal is great here, it really is, nice vibe and performance that fits the song, was a pleasure to work with.

And then the drums - honestly at this point I had a really hard time getting them to fit right. So not really into my drum sound. A consequence of really focusing on them last - not my usual way of working, but wanted to find my roadmap first. The whole time I just wanted to fire up AD and replace that kick and snare, but oh well.
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