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Originally Posted by zacki View Post

As Karbo mentioned there are some sharp tones in the Bass I do not like, too. But as a Bass Player I like the overall sound. Not too muffled and a bit funky. Personally I like a dry and gnarly Musicman Bass tone like in the video here: (by the way: don’t know what I should do first - listening or viewing )
Yep, I have no real problem with the bass tone other than possibly how it was recorded and the player snapping that high note more than I thought was good for the arrangement - I assume he has a piezo tweeter or horn in his bass cab - would have been better if not so repeating/monotonous which could have been improved greatly by at least a little variation toggling between measures - wouldn't take much. That's just something that comes with time and experience.

The song is not too bad in my opinion. Especially the first half.
I agree.

The most difficult part for me was to get the mud in the low mids out of the tracks.
I'm glad I'm not the only one which brings me to this...

I’m using two ADAM A7X
I have the original Mackie HR824s, Equator D5s and Adam A7X, all switchable when mixing. The latter two showed horrible muddy midrange and lack of snap. So much so, I was afraid to fix it completely since I was worrying it was my room. My room is fairly well-treated but I haven't been in it long so I don't fully trust it yet.

Off topic: I hate to be negative, but I found my Equator D5s to be less ideal compared to the hype, their high end did not sound balanced at all and sort of separate from the rest of the spectrum and overall not so good - sort of depressing because once I latched on to it, I found this to be the case with everything I played through them later. If you ever want to know just how far off speaker generally are, set up multiple pairs of them.

Hopefully, I'm not spamming you guys, it's just one of my favorite subjects.
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